2010 Speakers and Schedule

Session 1 - 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Room 1 - What are your communications saying? Not sure? Find out!

Presenter: Andy Schadwinkel
A communications audit can be an extensive and in-depth assessment or a more simple annual review. Either way, it can be a valuable first step in taking inventory of your goals and your existing communications before you set out to craft a marketing communications plan. This session will be a hands-on workshop to give you a head start back at the office.

Room 2 - Data Collection 101

Presenters: Stacia Jorgensen and Amanda Richardson
This presentation will provide a general overview of important elements to consider when collecting your own data. Topics discussed will include: the pros and cons of different data collection methods, how to pick which method to use, and some resources available to help with the data collection process. A brief description of the services provided by the Bureau of Sociological Research will also be provided.

Room 3 - Make a plan--Have an impact!

Presenter: Meg Lauerman
You have a great story to tell. When you tell it, how you tell it, to whom you tell it, and through what communications channels you tell it all make a difference in how much good it will do for your organization. This session will help participants formulate a plan to make the biggest impact possible, even on a skinny budget.

Session 2 - 2:15 - 3:15 p.m.

Room 1 - 50 ways to tell your story...and which is best for each situation

Presenters: Troy Fedderson, Andy Schadwinkel and Shannon Sherman
If you've ever wondered about the best direction to take your message or the best way to reach a specific audience on campus or among alumni, this session is for you. We'll walk you through the many options communicators have and the most appropriate situations for using each.

Room 2 - Best Practices in Social Media

Presenters: Seth Meranda, Steve Smith and Adam Stahr
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Planet Red ... in today's networked world, these sites are where people meet, interact and do business. Many have entered the social media world unprepared, while others have built potent social media strategies by executing a number of successful practices. Join UNL's Seth Meranda, Adam Stahr and Steve Smith as they share these social-media insights to help you build a plan, value the importance of listening and participating, and understand the key nuances of different platforms.

Room 3 - Reduce, reuse, recycle

Presenter: Kelly Bartling
So, you have one story to tell, but multiple channels, audiences and lengths. Learn from an editor how to multipurpose a story, by developing your headline, main points, adding -- and strategically deleting -- quotes, details and data to get everything you can out of one story. Knowing your audience and your outlet -- from a 140-character Tweet to a 1,500-word magazine story with sidebars and lists to a 50-word Web brief -- is key in slicing and dicing your way to meeting all your writing and presentation needs. We will cover tone, style, and how to avoid some common writing and editing mistakes.